Collagen Essence Mask

  • Model No.:MS-118
  • Made in:Taiwan
  • Price:USD$ 25.0 ~ 25.0
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  • Feature:Anti-Wrinkle,Firming,Moisturizer
  • Use:Face

Key Features

The collagen of the new generation has small molecules that can easily penetrate the skin to be absorbed and replenish the collagen you lose. With additional silk protein and algae extract, it helps enhance repairing, water and energy-replenishing, rendering firm and radiant skin.
.Collagen: anti-age from the source of the skin
.Silk protein: help enhance repairing
.Algae extract: provide the energy and water necessary for the skin


1. After washing your face, unwrap the package, take out a mask
2. Apply the mask to your face; remove after 15-20 minutes
3. Gently pat the residual serum onto the skin till absorbed.